The Careers Advisers Association of NSW Incorporated ("CAA") is governed by its Constitution. The Constitution regulates how CAA operates, and sets the rules and procedures in relation to:

  • Membership of CAA;
  • Rights of Members;
  • Disciplining of Members;
  • Appointment and Duties of Executive Committee Members;
  • Executive Committee Meetings and General Meetings of the Association;
  • Voting by Members at General Meetings.


Professional Development Policy

In accordance with the Career Industry Council of Australia's Professional Standards for Australian Career Development Practitioners, CAA requires its professional and associate members whether working full-time or part-time, to undertake Continuing Professional Development in accordance with the Professional Development Policy in order to maintain their membership status with CAA.Professional and Associate members must attain a minimum of 15 points per calendar year. Members accrue 1 point for each hour of attendance at, participation in, or the undertaking of, the activities listed in the Professional Development Policy. 


Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is from the Career Industry Council of Australia's Professional Standards for Career Development Practitioners and sets the standards of expected behaviour for Professional and Associate members of CAA.


The Role of Careers Advisers in High Schools 2023

The Role of Careers Advisers in High Schools is a general resource guide to Careers Advisers about career education in NSW and ACT Schools. It contains some information on the role of a Careers Adviser as well as touching on the regulatory bodies and some requirements for Careers Advisers. References within this document may change. Please check with your regulatory bodies prior to implementing any career education strategies in your school.