Regular professional development offered by the CAA

Margret Selby -Metropolitan North CAA network.
As Careers Advisers are sole operators within their school and the information they deal with is consistently changing, I find it essential to be able to liaise with other Careers Advisers on a regular basis, in order to stay well-informed and up-to-date. This is made possible through the regular professional development offered by the CAA and local network meetings.

A well-organised body committed to constantly evolving best practice

Cathy Browne
As a new careers counsellor, I was overwhelmed by the amount of constantly changing new information to absorb, and use in the most effective way with students. CAA to the rescue! In joining CAA, I found an inspiring community of informed, passionate, hard-working, agile professionals, motivated by providing the best outcomes for both their students and their colleagues. As a well-organised body committed to constantly evolving best practice, CAA provides easy, ‘one-stop-shop’ access to professional development, collegial support, networking opportunities, and a broad spectrum of education providers. In addition, CAA gives a state and national voice to school-based career counsellors, to help inform the many significant issues facing our profession and our students. CAA has always been led by extraordinarily dedicated, hard-working and visionary practitioners. I truly believe I couldn’t have survived and thrived in this job without CAA.

I am truly grateful and thankful to the CAA

Sue Arnaudon- PLC Sydney, The Scots College
I have, over the many years, been a vocal advocate about our positions in the area of careers being recognised as accredited professionals, maintaining a separate role from teaching. Still, in many schools, careers advisor roles are considered as "add on" positions to teaching roles and do not reflect the importance of guidance and availability for that guidance, for students moving through to post school options and tertiary study. Being a member of the CAA ,our professional organisation, is so important for this message and tells both the executive of our schools and parents of our students, that we are true professionals and are accredited individuals with the wisdom and knowledge to guide their students, sons and daughters with credibility and confidence. Full professional status within the CAA means that we have attained post graduate qualifications in our area and confirms the statement of credibility within the profession. I am truly grateful and thankful to the CAA for giving us the opportunity to be considered professionals in our careers.