Regional Industry Education Partnerships (RIEP) Program Cyber Skills Workshop at Broken Hill

18th April 2024
See the RIEP Program in action with a Cyber Skills Workshop in Broken Hill connecting school students with industry.

The Regional Industry Education Partnerships (RIEP) Program designs and delivers bespoke opportunities for employers to connect with secondary schools. Through these connections, students learn about jobs and pathways to employment. They develop new skills and employer networks, allowing them to make informed decisions about their career pathways. Employers have the opportunity to educate students about their industry and actively participate in the development of talent pipelines. The team of dedicated RIEP officers work to create customised initiatives right across NSW, producing real-world experiences with lasting impact.

No two RIEP initiatives look the same. RIEP officers design opportunities tailored to the needs of both the employer and the school. The RIEP program takes a long-term approach to building these connections, with a focus on providing a series of opportunities along a student’s pathway through school and into further training or employment. 

This may begin by an employer connecting with large groups of students to generate awareness about an industry sector. This could include job-readiness training to set student’s expectations of the world of work. Interested students may explore this further through activities which provide hands-on experience of jobs in that industry. Following that exploration, students who wish to pursue a career in that industry are connected with employment or further training opportunities. 

See the RIEP Program in action with a cyber skills workshop at Broken Hill, NSW.

How to get involved

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