CAA Annual Conferences


Venue & Theme

Keynote Presenters

2024   Dockside Cockle Bay (48th)  
2023   Dockside Cockle Bay (47th)   Adam Voigt & Marcus Pearce
2022   Dockside Cockle Bay (46th)   Ashley Fell
2021   Online! COVID-19 (45th)   Chelsea Pottenger
2020   Online! COVID-19 (44th)   Dr Ali Walker
2019   Dockside Cockle Bay (43rd)   Dr Karl Kruszelnicki
2018   Dockside Cockle Bay (42nd)   Dr Jan Owen AM, Foundation for Young Australians
2017   Dockside Cockle Bay (41st)   Jane Caro
2016   Dockside Cockle Bay (40th)   Marty Wilson
2015   Dockside Cockle Bay (39th)   Jackie Furey
2014   Dockside Cockle Bay (38th)   James O’Loghlin
2013   Dockside Cockle Bay (37th)   Glenn Singleman & Heather Swan
2012   Dockside Cockle Bay (36th)   Adam Spencer
2011   Liverpool Catholic Club (35th)   Gail Whiteford, Pro-Vice-Chancellor - Social Inclusion, Macquarie University
2010   Manly Pacific (34th)   Mark McCrindle MA, BSc (Psychology), QPMR; Social Researcher & Trends Expert, McCrindle Research
2009   Novotel Hotel Northbeach, Wollongong (33rd)   Ita Buttrose
2008   Star City (32nd)   Ian Kierney & Steven Bradbury
2007   Novotel Hotel Northbeach, Wollongong (31st)   Gordian Fulde
2006   Sydney Olympic Park (30th) "Broadening Horizons - Working & Studying Overseas" (30th)   Ian Lesley
2005   Sydney Show Ground & Novotel Homebush (29th)
  •   Pat Farmer for Brendon Nelson, Minister Ed. Science & Training;
  •   Sue McLean for Carmel Tebbutt, NSW Minister for Ed. & Training;
  •   David Berthold, Artistic Director Griffin Theatre Co.
2004   Menzies Hotel Sydney (28th) "Working for the Public Purse - Careers in Government" (28th)   Keith Suter, Senior Fellow Global Business Network Australia
2003   University of Newcastle "Reinventing Careers - A Change is as Good as a Holiday" (27th)   Susie Maroney, Marathon Swimmer
2002   Hilton Hotel Sydney Airport (26th) "Workforce 2005 - All About Science, Technology & Sport"   Lynne Bezanson, Executive Director Canadian Career Development Foundation
2001   Hilton Hotel Sydney Airport (25th) "Breaking the Barriers - School to Work"   John Coutis, founder of Because We Can & author of From the Ground Up
2000   No Conference - 2 days of Professional Development at Penrith Panthers due to Olympic Games “Back to Basics”
  • Dr Ian Paterson, Educational Consultant
  • Paul Baker, Morgan & Banks
1999   Fairmont Resort, Blue Mountains (24th) "Celebrating the New Millennium"  
1998   Novotel Brighton Beach (23rd) "Saving the Planet - Sustaining the Future"   Alex Gordon, Policy Officer SEDA (Sustainable Energy Development Authority)
1997   International College of Tourism and Hotel Management, Manly (22nd) "PCs and CVs - Technology in Career Education"   Nabeel Youakim, Microsoft
1996   Gazebo Parramatta (21st) "Options & Opportunities - A Real Choice for All"   Christopher Puplick, President NSW Anti-Discrimination Board
1995   Gazebo Parramatta (20th) "Career Education - Aspirationsm Choices, Realities"   Dr M. Carr-Gregg, Centre for Adolescent Health, Melbourne
1994   Ramada Hotel, North Ryde (19th) "Career Education - A Quality Choice"   Professor Michael Hough, University of Wollongong
1993   Rooty Hill Resort (18th) "A Cultural Perspectiveto Career Planning - Translating Bilingual Skills into Career Opportunities"   Joseph Lo Bianco, National Languages & Literacy Institute of Australia Ltd
1992   Waratah Inn, Parramatta (17th) "Career Education - Changes, Choices and Competencies"   Peter Ellyard, Commission for the Future
1991   Curzon Hall & Laboure Centre Marsfield (16th) "Communicating Careers"   Hugh McKay Centre for Communication Studies
1990   Curzon Hall (15th) "Training for a New Era - Changes & Challenges"   Lyndsay Connors, Chair Schools Council
1989   Curzon Hall, Marsfield & Trinity Chapel, Robert Menzies College (14th) "The Changing Nature of the Workplace"   Laurie Carmichael, Assistant Secretary ACTU
1988   Robert Menzies College, Macquarie University (13th) "Career Education & Business - Forging the Links"   Dr Ken Eltis, Director, Studies, Department of Education
1987   No Conference Held  
1986   Robert Menzies College (12th) “Career Education - Exploring the Post School Options”   Dr Denis Davis, Director Centre for Research in Ed.
1985   University of NSW (11th) “Career Education - Meeting the Needs of Youth”   Kay Schofield, Head TAFE Womens Coordination Unit
1984   University of NSW (10th) “A Decade of Career Education - The Foundation for the Future”   Ross Gittens, Economic Editor, SMH
1983   University of NSW (9th) “Towards 2000”   Rosemary Foot, Deputy Leader of Opposition, NSW
1982   University of NSW (8th) “Working in the 80’s”   Pat Kennedy for Barry Jones, Shadow Minister Science & Technology
1981   University of NSW (7th) “Post School Options for Students”   Dr K McKinnon, Consultant, Dept. Home Affairs & Environment
1980   University of NSW (6th) “Career Education in the Changing Curriculum”   Ron Parry, Under Secretary Ministry of Education
1979   University of NSW (5th) “Career Education - The Challenge in the 80’s”   Keith Windshuttle, Lecturer NSW Institute of Technology
1978   Macquarie University (4th) “Career Education - New Directions”   Margaret Gambley, Division of Guidance & Special Education
1977   Macquarie University (3rd)   Professor Bill Ford, Behavioural Sciences UNSW
1976   Koala Motel, Sydney (2nd)   Alf Hinshaw, Principal Guidance Officer, Division of Guidance & Special Education
1975   University of NSW (1st) “Establishing a Careers Association”   Norma Jenkins, Assistant Director, Division of Guidance & Special Education