Opening Keynote Speaker:   Adam Voigt

Real Schools

CEO, Founder and Director


About the Presenter

Adam Voigt’s presentations are filled with stories, messages, tools and hope developed from years of successful School Leadership as a Principal in some of Australia’s most challenging locations. The author of the acclaimed ‘Restoring Teaching’, Adam has taken to print his ambitions for exemplary practice in our classrooms as a vehicle for restoring teachers to a mantle of authentic community respect. Adam takes critical messages about schools, learning, culture and leadership and elevates action in the education system through is ground-breaking education business, Real Schools. Adam’s speaking and programs have taken him across Australia and internationally. Just some of his achievements include:

  • Presenting a TED Talk at the inaugural TEDx Darwin event;
  • Winning his first Principal position at only 35 years of age;
  • Opening a brand-new Northern Territory school as its inaugural Principal;
  • Representing educators prolifically in the Australian print, radio and television media.

Adam has a passion for empowering as many dedicated leaders and educators as possible with the tools, skills and attitudes necessary to build meaningful, productive relationships in Australia’s schools … and for these relationships to be leveraged for a new level of learner performance and leadership potential.

Presentation Summary  

In this highly engaging session, Adam takes a deep dive into how teachers can be prepared for the disruption of AI upon our model for educating young people.  Positing that Chat GPT and other such services should be viewed as a handy tool, rather than a threat, Adam will encourage teachers to embrace the change being thrust upon us.  After all, that’s what living in 2023 is all about - coping with change.  Further, Adam will draw our focus back to the types of students we’re developing and whether they’re morally and ethnically capable to ride that wave of change with us.