8.00am            Exhibition & Registration                             

8.45am            Acknowledgement of Country

Tracy Ryan, Executive Committee, Careers Advisers Association of NSW & ACT

8.50am            Official Opening

Jenine Smith, President, Careers Advisers Association of NSW & ACT

8.55am            Supporter Presentations

.15am            Keynote Speaker:  Adam Voigt        

10.15am          Careers Adviser Awards Presentation

10.30am          Morning Tea Break

11.10am to 12.10pm  WORKSHOPS

Room 1            The Australian Blueprint for Career Development. Transforming practice in Australia

David Carney, Executive Director, Career Industry Council of Australia

Room 2           Life Design@ St Luke's: Creating a  Generation of Empowered Students - Designing Lives around Strengths, Interests, Motivations & Purpose

Chloe Viney, Head of Life Design, St Luke's Catholic College

Stephanie Campanale, Partnerships and Pathways Leader, St Luke's Catholic College

Room 3            Best Practice & Principles in Career Education Guidance for Low SES Background Students

Kylie Austin, University of Wollongong

Dr. Olivia Groves, Post-doctoral researcher, National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education, Curtin University